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Welcome to Japan!


Open Your Eyes to The World!
Welcome to UTREK's summer program!

Greetings from all of us at UTREK in Tokyo, Japan!

Many exchange programs exist and most profess to promote the admirable goals of "greater global cooperation" and "mutual understanding". What makes UTREK's program unique is the way these goals are achieved; in both our overseas and in-Japan programs we combine an outdoor camp and a homestay experience. Our camp is designed to encourage participants to think about the new culture they are living in and not just visit as a tourist. This is acccomplished by participating in various activities that are unique to the host country.

During UTREK's program, participants are encouraged to investigate the relationship between "nature" and "culture" both in their own society and the new one they are becoming acquainted with. We feel that by stimulating young minds to think about their own and foreign cultures, the desireable goals of "greater global cooperation" and "mutual understanding" can actually be achieved. Facing new obstacles and challenges can help young people develop their problem solving skills and improve thier self-confidence. We hope that, through this program, young people become more self directing and ready for the challenges that will face them in the future.


Tetsu Miyazaki
Executive Director

UTREK's current partners in education:

★States' 4-H International Exchange Programs, USA
★Mountain West Cultural Exchange, USA
★Camp Fire, USA
★British Columbia 4H, Canada
★School Boards in British Columbia, Canada

Past partner:

★Scientific and Technological Youth Center,Moscow,Russia

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