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All Japanese host families are volunteers and carefully vetted by us. They want to share their culture and life, and want to learn about their new family member's culture and life. All families complete an intensive selection process, including orientations. The foreign delegates will be welcomed as a member of their family and will participate in their normal household routine. Also, there are many chances to do things like visit local shrines and temples, watch fireworks displays in the summer, visit relatives, often travel on day-trips to surround areas, go shopping, and have the chance to go on sightseeing excursions in their homestay areas. During the homestay, the delegates will also paticipate in our International Summer Camp in Nagano.


"The worst thing that could have happened, happened. I became so attached to my Japanese family that I didn't want to leave!"

"I had a wonderful time and I loved the way my host family openly accepted me. I wish I didn't have to say goodbye."